We create an environment to live through an adventure, in which everyone feels accepted, safe, and happy. We create exclusive incentive programs, taking into consideration the physical, emotional, and financial possibilities of our client, all while respecting the local culture, traditions, and customs.


Żaneta Auler


Alumni of Poznan Tourism and Recreation Department, AWF, and Journalism at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan. In 1996-2005, she worked as a journalist, editor and anchor. Her radio show “Na końcu świata” (At the edge of the world) took her listeners to the furthest points of our planet, while providing helpful tips encompassing traveling as a whole. Fun Travel was founded based on her fascination for traveling. A natural born organizer and guide, she was able to share her passion with all people from the 200+ tours she has guided. She is a member of the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board.

In her private life, Zaneta is a mother of two. Former team handball player, she is now a cycling and yoga enthusiast. She always puts family and strong interpersonal relations first. Her book, “7 dni w siódmym niebie” is set to release soon.


Hugo Auler

Hugo has been involved in the tourism industry in the United States since 1991. He conducted over 400 tours for guests from all around the world. He fluently speaks four languages and has deep knowledge of the local market. He worked as a University of California LA Extension Instructor and Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board representative, teaching international students about US history, geography, ethnicity and American society.

Hugo is a highly motivated and determined negotiator with strong problem-solving skills, and he knows how to work well under pressure. Hugo’s safe escape is sports and art. He is a triathlete with Olympic and Ironman distances under his belt, as well as an abstract painter. At Fun Travel, he is responsible for accounting and running all ground operations.

Aleksandra Wachowicz

Professional beach volleyball player representing Poland internationally, owner of a marketing company, and an MBA graduate from Grand Canyon University. Aleksandra leads a multi-continental life. New York City is her official home. It is there that her husband, and her favorite cafeterias wait for her. Ola spends a lot of time in Poland due to her rigorous training program, preparing her for the World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Planning and organizing trips, whether short or long, is her true passion. The itineraries are
well thought-out and carefully planned, because planning is what makes her happy, due to re-visiting places she’s already been to and exploring new ones on the way. At Fun Travel, she is responsible for what she does best, preparing travel plans for individual guests planning to visit the USA.